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Forward SBNDM using q-grams and Lookahead

Improvement of Forward Simplified BNDM which implements a super alphabet with q-grams and computing the shift with a lookahead of several characters.

Appeared in:

  • [86]: Peltola, H., Tarhio, J.: Variations of forward-sbndm. In: Holub, J., Zd´arek, J. (eds.) Proceedings of the Prague Stringology Conference 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, August 29-31, 2011. pp. 3–14. Prague Stringology Club, Department of Theoretical Computer Science, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague (2011),
  • [87]: Peltola, H., Tarhio, J.: String matching with lookahead. Discrete Applied Mathematics 163, 352–360 (2014),