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Algorithms based on Comparison of Characters

In a computational model where the matching algorithm is restricted to read all the characters of the text one by one the optimal complexity is O(n)O(n), and was achieved the first time by the well known Morris-Pratt algorithm [80]. However, in many practical cases it is possible to avoid reading all the characters of the text achieving sub-linear performances on the average.

The optimal average O(nlogσmm)O(\frac{n \log_{σ} m}{m}) time complexity [99] was reached by many comparison based algorithms. However, all algorithms with a sub-linear average behavior may have to read all the text characters in the worst case. It is interesting to note that many of those algorithms have an even worse O(nm)O(nm)-time complexity in the worst-case [48,52].

In what follows we present the list of all string matching algorithms based on comparison of characters.